About Us

Electrogear was established in 1995. We have been supplying the South African market and the panel builders, as well as the neighbouring countries  with LOW Voltage (up to 690 Volts) PFC from Frako,

Over the years we have found that the PFC from FRAKO are of the highest quality.  We will be able to supply on request the full range of all Frako products. We are fully committed to support this product in Africa.
For more technical information see the website of Frako (www.frako.com)

We are the FRAKO agents in South Africa.


We also supply loose PFC  components to the market and the Panel Builders to allow them to  build their own PFC.

We also import fully built Automatic Power Factors Correction Panels, manufactured in Germany by Frako, which can also be installed by Electrogear.

The PFC systems are installed to cut costs. This investment in such a system typically has a payback period of one year to 18 months, following which the user will “porfit” from the system .

The following services is also provided by Electrogear via a subcontractor:    

We conduct Low voltage (up to 550 Volts AC & up to 3000A incomer ) sophisticated site surveys , using Digital Energy Analyzers with reports and Data Logger for Power Factor Correction.

We do Full site installation of  Power Factor Correction with all necessary cable and installation of additional feeder for the new Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel etc.

We will do maintenance to Low Voltage Power Factor Correction having been done  by Electrogear or by third parties, on your premises.